How to Maintain your Trimmer

String trimmers are a necessary lawn tool for keeping a yard looking its best. They are commonly used in places where lawn mowers cannot go. When most people purchase a string trimmer they must learn how to care for this piece of equipment. If they do not their trimmer will not be much use to them when they need it the most.

Preparations and Safety
Before you start to work on your equipment you should perform the following safety processes. For electric trimmers you should unplug them from a power source. Gasoline trimmers should have the spark plugs disconnected and batteries should be removed from a battery powered device.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who do not perform these safety steps when they clean or repair their trimmers and they end up injuring themselves. A person should never turn their machine to the off switch and think that it will not start up. Disconnecting it from the power source provides better protection against any mishaps. String trimmer owners should also consider placing their equipment on a mat, pad or tarp for repairs since this protect it from scratches, dents and dings.


How To Prevent Your Weed Eater From Damaging Your Property

Weed eaters can be difficult to operate around patios, fences and trees on your property. String trimmers can leave marks or damage fragile tree bark. Repeated contact with hard surfaces such as wood and stone can wear your string down and result in having to rewind your spool more frequently.

Add Mulch to Vulnerable Areas
Mulch is a great way to beautify your property and create a weed barrier around trees and shrubs on your property. Adding a ring of mulch at the base of your trees can prevent weeds from growing too close to vulnerable bark. It provides a manicured appearance to your property and offers a border that will be easy to navigate with your weed eater.

Use a Barrier
For very difficult to navigate corners of your yard, where there is not much room to manoeuvre with your weed eater, consider using a simple barrier such as a piece of cardboard. This can be held or put in place around valuable lawn fixtures such as fountains and ornaments. Even the most careful trimming in these areas can occasionally result in damage. The cardboard will protect valuable surfaces and shield them without causing as much wear on your weed eater string as a rough textured surface like stone will do.

Trim Your Fences
Weed eaters do occasionally collide with wooden fences, resulting in damage to the fence and wear on the trimmer string. One simple way to solve this problem and save the finish on your fence is to consider leaving a small space between the bottom of your fence and the ground during installation. If the fence is already installed, or if it’s too late and the damage has been done, consider trimming the bottom of the fence. This will allow room for your weed eater to work, and prevent it from coming in contact with the wood in the future.

Be Aware of the Fly Zone
When using a weed eater, always be conscious of where the debris is falling. It is never a good idea to put your body in the path of debris. The guard on your weed eater is designed to shield you, but occasionally you may come into contact with a pebble or other hard object that gets picked up by the trimmer thrown a short distance. Keep your body out of the way, and pay attention to any windows, valuables or other obstacles that could be hit. It is possible to dent vehicles or break windows with stones that accidentally get picked up with the weeds you are trimming.

A Long and Satisfying Partnership
Weed eaters are indispensible tools. They go where the lawn mower will not reach. They effortlessly clear areas that are inaccessible and tidy things up to make your property look fresh and well cared for. Taking a few steps to prevent damage to your property will help to ensure your satisfaction with your weed eater for years to come. Even the best weed eater requires thoughtful and intelligent handling to perform at its highest level.


How to Replace Trimmer Line in String Trimmers – Single or Double

1. You must first remove the trimmer head spool in a conventional single string trimmer.

2. Insert your new trimmer line and wind the line.

3. Snap the trimmer line into the retaining notch.

4. Holding the cutting line in place, replace the trimmer head spool.

String trimmers are available in many different types such as gas or electric string trimmers. Extra spools of strings can be purchased online for your string trimmer, but you must know the make or model number before you place your order. If you do not know where to find the model number, then an online string trimmer retailer is always available to help you locate it. You may contact the online string trimmer retailer online or by phone.

Double Line Replacement
Here are the instructions for replacing the line for a double line string trimmer:

1. Follow the instructions above for replacing the single line.

2. Then repeat for the second line, simple and easy.

Now you can keep your string trimmer working properly by knowing how to change the string. You can also share what you learned with your friends if they own a string trimmer too.

Online string trimmer retailers can show you the best string trimmers or weed eaters. They can also offer great deals and sale prices you will love. You as a customer will be provided a variety of easy payment option too.

String trimmers are excellent for cleaning lawns or clearing brush. They are designed to provide you with the power you need for working outdoors. They are sold with a quality guarantee so if you are not completely satisfied you can return it for an exchange or a refund. Versatile grass and weed trimmers are an excellent tool to use for unwanted grass or weeds.

You can choose from a wide range of product styles and engine types and sizes. There are corded electric trimmers, cordless electric trimmers, gas trimmers and more. An online string trimmer retailer can help you select the best string trimmer for you.

When someone talks about a weed whacker, then they are talking about a string trimmer, both are the same. Here are just a few innovative features your string trimmer may include:

* Easy start
* Comfortable grips
* Easy loading heads
* Lightweight and more……

When you decide to purchase your string trimmer online, it will come with complete instruction or operation, use and maintenance. It is important that you read how to operate it.

If you are planning to get your lawn in shape this summer season, then don’t forget to add the best weed eater or best string trimmer to your list. It will really make working in your yard convenient for you.


Timber Frame houses- a comparison between houses then and houses now!

Timber frame houses are very popular these days but do you know that they have existed since millennia? Timber framing goes back to 70’s and since then people have felt attracted towards this form of handcrafted home. Time changed and so did the designing and prices. The timber frame homes which existed back in conventional times have taken a different touch, actually a chic style and the price has also gone up with more number of resources and technology being used in their construction.

The major difference between the timber framed homes that existed 30 years ago and the ones that exist now is that now designing is done through software such as CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CNC (Computer Numeric Control). This has enabled the present day houses to be more precise and almost perfect. Besides, use of modernized technology and software has enabled the builders to take the production task swiftly.

Another distinction that you would notice these days is that the entire timber frame of your house is cut and prepared at the factory. The builders then make use of woods and similar materials to assemble and prepare the final product. Once the assembling task is done, the lightening and similar work requires less time and you will have your timber frame home prepared rather too quickly. Timber framing has a sort of beauty and precision about it. It is growing popular because of its strength and beauty, a rare combination!

The price is not too low and not too high as well. Initially, back in 70’s the timber frame houses were not very expensive but today, the use of technology and software as well as several other resources has made the cost shoot up. The distinction is however remarkable and it has only rendered phenomenal benefits to people. So it is definitely appreciated.


We discuss the National Lottery Education Aid Campaign

For most players the favourite charity fund would be themselves as well as occasion of these big win to create life better including the happy proposal to aid out our friends and family but it’s nice to know that in theme and while we are providing help to some Charitable Events even if we haven’t won just yet lotto.

The National Lottery has already handed over £25 billion to Good Causes euro millions results. The exact amount allocated depends on sales, combination of sales, sum of unclaimed prizes and the value of great interest on money waiting to be claimed but approximately 28% of the total revenue is predicted to go to theCharitable Events and a few of the most popular are acknowledged at the National Lottery Awards party. Over 50% of the total earnings is paid out in prizes with the government taking 12% in Lottery Duty dailyplay numbers. Outlets are paid 5% in sales commission payment on the Draw-Based games and 6% on each Scratchcard meaning gain approximately £8,531 annually and operating costs add up to around 4%.

Health, Education and Environmental causes accepted 50% of awards with the remains mixed between Sports, Arts and Heritage The Bumble Bee Conservation Trust has benefitted as has the Isle of Wight Railway Restoration scheme and doubtless a Good Work local to all of us so keep playing , keep fingers crossed and we’ll see the rewards.


Festival Music and Oral Tradition

From dulcimers to washtub bases, you will always hear a variety of instruments raising their voices at the festival. Fiddles will certainly be heard at the festival, and they are one of the most commonly played instruments in the old-time style and kept alive by the West Virginia State Folk Festival. Next to the fiddle, banjos are also one of the most commonly played instruments in the old-time style at the West Virginia State Folk Festival. Old-time fiddle playing and banjo playing may be heard at the Square Dances, in the jams about town, in the concerts, and especially at the Fiddle Contests.

Fiddle & Banjo Contests are held in the GSC Fine Arts Center at the corner of Court and High Streets. Contests for contestants 50 and older are held on Friday at 2:00 p.m. Contests for contestants under 50 years old are held on Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

Contestants should show up back stage to register before the 2 p.m. contest. Each contestant will be expected to perform two pieces of old-time music. They will be allowed one accompanist, such as a guitar, etc. Contestants will announce the name of each song just prior to playing it.

Old time ballad singing, story telling, and shape note singing are also at the heart of the festival. For a great heritage experience, be certain to attend the evening concerts. Concerts are held Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in the GSC Fine Arts Center at the corner of Court and High Streets.

There is also an unaccompanied gospel sing at 11:00 a.m. Saturday in the Methodist Church located on Main Street. Heavenly Highway Hymnals will be passed out. The 2007 gospel sing was led by Jane Law, Jesse Marks, Jack Lowther, and Bob Carpenter.

In addition, Bob Cain conducts a shape note singing workshop at the Church of Christ located on Powell Street. There are fiddle and banjo workshops and a special square dance workshop.
An oral traditions tent always showcases old time singing and music, poetry, and story telling. The Gilmer County Historical Society sponsors Living History Presentations. The 2007 presentations included William Hunt who took on the identity of Andrew Montour, Indian Scout. (1710-1774) The second presentation was Patty Cooper’s presentaion of Betsy Ross.

There is a special session entitled Papa Gainer’s Favorite Songs. Molly Gainer Walters and Mary Catherine Calame, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Dr. Patrick Gainer, our festival founder, sings his favorite folk songs and tells his favorite stories.

One of the best things about the Folk Festival is that music and oral traditions can happen anytime of the day or night, just about anywhere. Some of the best sessions tend to happen after the sun goes down and temperatures cool a little. Inside or out, day or night, the music is always great at the festival.


Looking for Superb Double Glazing in the United Kingdom?

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The main components of a top quality bike

Having had so much trouble with old bikes falling apart we wondered how a design solution for a modern Wren bike would work. Wren Bicycles began with the following points:

Traditional steel frame – aluminium frames always seem to look so ‘tech’ and complicated so we decided to go for simple round tubular steel, not the cheaper high tensile type found on many high street bikes, but a high quality chromoloy steel such as Tange or Reynolds.

Gears: we like the way hub gears keep everything hidden away so you don’t have to worry about oil on your clothes, but old Sturmey Archer hubs always seem to suffer from terminal fatigue. We discovered that Sturmey Archer had recently been bought out by Taiwanese firm Sunrace while still retaining their main offices in Amsterdam. According to cycling guru Sheldon Brown, the quality of the designs have actually improved greatly since the company was taken over, so we got in touch with them and road tested some of the 3 speed hubs for Wren Bicycles to great effect.

Wheels: small wheels means less weight, less bulk and less overall length. They have been proven to suit road bikes for many years, overcoming initial fears over build strength and ability to deal with uneven road surfaces. We chose the larger 406 size rather than the smaller size often used on many fold up bikes on the market.

Tyres are important! In the city punctures are all too regular – especially when you have to cycle at the edges of the road where litter – including broken glass – often gathers, especially after heavy rain. It should be noted that road tarmac is actually partly made from recycled broken glass, which is the reason why you usually find that tiny slithers of glass are the culprit for so many punctures. We chose a high quality puncture proof tyre for Wren Bicycles which means the need for puncture repairing will be few and far between.

Saddles – we have used Brooks saddles over many years on all our own bikes so it seemed fitting that the first offering from Wren Bicycles should feature one. They are simple, hard wearing and look great too.


Folk Festival Food

Food vendors at the West Virginia State Folk Festival are West Virginia non-profit organizations, mostly from Gilmer County. These organizations raise money annually to do good things in our community. The Folk Festival Committee is proud to support all of our local organizations by integrating their fund-raisers into our festival.

Here are a few examples of our food vendors.

The members of the Cedarville Chatty Ladies Club work on projects in our community. We purchase Veterans flags for cemeteries and maintain old graves. After there is a death in the community, the club sees that food is served to family and friends. We make sure that all local children
have a good Christmas. During this past Festival, we served buckwheat and regular pancakes, sausage links, sloppy joes, chips, and a variety of drinks.

The Cedar Creek Community Club has served beans and corn bread at the Glenville Town Hall. The proceeds from their sales are used for the upkeep of their World War II army surplus building. The first priority was to make the building safe with rewiring, new steps, and a handicapped ramp – then insulation and lots of paint. With the new water line in place, the club is now working on bathrooms and upgrading the kitchen. The building is now an active senior outreach center.

The Knights and Sisters of Pythias do considerable local charitable work. Proceeds help with
the annual contributions to Special Olympics, Relay for Life, and the Heart Fund. We also distribute Thanksgiving baskets in the community

The Gilmer County Farm Bureau has been a part of the Folk Festival for many years. This past year we served barbeque chicken dinners and roast beef sandwiches. Our location was directly behind the square dance platform. Our proceeds from these sales go to help defray expenses incurred at the annual Gilmer County Farm Show. Also, we buy food items for the Ronald McDonald House; aid in the operation of the Rosenbaum House at Ruby Memorial Hospital; sponsor a Kid’s Safety Day; and support local 4- H and FFA programs.

One vendor that is an old favorite at the Folk Festival and epitomizes communty support is the Lion’s Club . The Lions Club trailer has traditional American hot dogs for sale, each year, at the festival. Throughout the years they have supported the festival by organizing the parade, antique car show, and purchasing new equipment for the Festival. The Lions replaced the sound system on the streets of Glenville this year.

Other vendors include Todd Jones (Pork), Future Farmers of America (strawberry shortcake and ice cream), Ritchie County Lion’s Club (ice cream), and Glenville State College Athletics (Zules and spiral potatoes).


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