Promoting A Folk Festival

Folk festivals are a popular event in many places around the world. Even smaller cities and towns host these events during the summer and fall months. Some festivals are small with local acts and others are huge events with acts from all over the country or world. No matter how big or popular one of these events is, a lot of work goes into the planning and executing of the event over the period of many months and one of the most important aspect of that planning is promoting the event.

What Different Types of Promotion is there for a Folk Festival?

When it comes to promoting a festival, the promotional products and services used may include T-shirts worn by festival staff, social media posts well in advance of the event, TV commercials, newspaper ads, pamphlets, posters and articles written about the event.

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Sometimes, a TV news crew will visit various locations who will be hosting such as event and they will do an in depth story on it to promote to people outside the general area. If a festival is successful enough, it will also start to be featured in tourist brochures that will draw people from away to travel to the area during that particular festival.

How is a Folk Festival Promoted?

Before beginning a promotional campaign for a festival, you should at least know the date and time of the event and where it will be held. Get a good idea who the main demographic attending such an event would be and make sure to include some promotions that are geared toward them. Once you have these things figured out, do up a budget and outline a marketing campaign that includes a variety of promotional products. Depending on the size of the festival and how much advertising you want to do, you may need to hire a team of temps or volunteers to help out. Some of the things that will need to be done include developing crafty campaigns using photography, art and writing, calling local newspapers and radio stations to see if they will run some ads about the event, cold calling businesses for sponsorship, coming up with a social media and word-of-mouth campaign to get the word around even more, passing out flyers and hanging up posters.

Why is all this Promotion Needed?

Anyone who hosts any kind of event wants to attract a large number of people. Attracting a large crowd may ensure future funding for the event and could secure it's place in the community calendar for years to come. It also costs a lot of money to put on events like this so you want to attract a lot of people so at least break even on the cost of putting it on.

With the right amount of time and effort, any event can get the attention it needs to attract a wide audience for years to come. Promotion may seem like a waste of time at first when you see the people arriving to take part in the event, it makes it all worth while.