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Timber Frame houses- a comparison between houses then and houses now!

Timber frame houses are very popular these days but do you know that they have existed since millennia? Timber framing goes back to 70’s and since then people have felt attracted towards this form of handcrafted home. Time changed and so did the designing and prices. The timber frame homes which existed back in conventional times have taken a different touch, actually a chic style and the price has also gone up with more number of resources and technology being used in their construction.

The major difference between the timber framed homes that existed 30 years ago and the ones that exist now is that now designing is done through software such as CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CNC (Computer Numeric Control). This has enabled the present day houses to be more precise and almost perfect. Besides, use of modernized technology and software has enabled the builders to take the production task swiftly.

Another distinction that you would notice these days is that the entire timber frame of your house is cut and prepared at the factory. The builders then make use of woods and similar materials to assemble and prepare the final product. Once the assembling task is done, the lightening and similar work requires less time and you will have your timber frame home prepared rather too quickly. Timber framing has a sort of beauty and precision about it. It is growing popular because of its strength and beauty, a rare combination!

The price is not too low and not too high as well. Initially, back in 70’s the timber frame houses were not very expensive but today, the use of technology and software as well as several other resources has made the cost shoot up. The distinction is however remarkable and it has only rendered phenomenal benefits to people. So it is definitely appreciated.