Festival Crafts

During the festival, downtown Glenville becomes a small craft village. West Virginia crafters will set up their booths along Main Street. In addition to selling crafts, there will be heritage craft demonstrations, such as basket making, pottery, wood carving, weaving and spinning, blacksmithing and others.

In keeping with the tradition of the Folk Festival, we encourage and stress heritage crafts rather than manufactured souvenirs.

One of the WV heritage crafts that is always demonstrated is glass blowing. Willow Creek Glass has done this for many years, by the Common Place, and is one of the most popular demonstrations at the festival. Glass blowing is becoming a lost art, and is mostly practiced by entrepreneurs like Cliff Rock.

Fiber arts demonstrators are on site at the Country Store throughout the festival, where you can come in and actually try spinning and weaving under the direction of our volunteers. Some of the other demonstrators will also allow you to try their craft, under their supervision.

Lynne and Ron Kemper always keep their family tradition alive by conducting bird carving demonstrations and have a bird ID contest as part of the Festival.

Many of our crafters come year after year, knowing that the crowd at our festival appreciates fine, hand made items.