Square Dancing

You can count on a great time at the square dance platform where traditional West Virginia squares are called to live old-time music. Because it is the purpose of the festival to preserve older regional squares, western square dancing is not customarily done.

The street square dancing is on a ‘specially designed’ wooden platform and not actually on the blacktop.
The dancing and the music are both bound to stir up a lot of energy and good times. Dancing gets underway around 8 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening and lasts until around 11:30 p.m.

There will be also many opportunities to do some clogging, Most clogging is impromptu, since Appalachian fiddle tunes just demand that a person places their feet in motion, whether on the streets, parking lots, or stage. There is usually at least one clogging break from the called squares each evening at the Square Dance Platform when everyone so inclined may get up & do their own version of clogging or flat foot dancing…or maybe some of both…there is a difference. A few dancers usually bring their own small portable wooden dancing platforms for their fancy footwork to the jams about town. These are most apt to be found in Conrad Motel’s parking lot after the sun goes down.

Whether you choose to dance or just be a spectator, you are sure to enjoy it!